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Bec Harvey

Age: 32

Occupation: PT and Online Coach with Granite Conditioning


Sport: Bodybuilding, more specifically Bikini Modelling in natural federations only.

Number of years competing: 5 years

Competition history

  1. Pro Cards Held:
  2. ICN Bikini Pro
  3. PNBA Pro


PRO Cards were won both nationally and internationally at the following shows:

  1. Miss Athletica ICN Season A 2017
  2. The INBA World Cup in Los Angeles Season B 2017


Titles Won:

  1. ICN Miss Bikini Gladstone (17)
  2. ICN Miss Swimsuit Gladstone (17)
  3. ICN Miss Swimsuit Cairns (17)
  4. ICN Miss Bikini Brisbane (17)
  5. PNBA Pro Angel (17)


Divisions Won:

  1. Miss Athletica (2016) 1st Bikini Novice, 1st swimsuit Novice
  2. ICN Townsville Tropix 2x 1st Place Miss Bikini Open + Miss Swimsuit Open (2016 +2017)
  3. 1st Bikini Novice and Bikini Open at ICN Bali International Show (2016)
  4. Gladstone ICN 1st place Bikini Open and Swimsuit open
  5. Cairns ICN 1st place swimsuit Open
  6. Miss Athletica Brisbane (2017) 1st Bikini Open, 1st swimsuit Open, 1st Angels
  7. 1st Angels INBA World Cup (2017) Los Angeles

Most Recently I competed in the ANB Pro Show in the ANB Oceania Show last season in Brisbane and placed in the top 4 of the Pro bikini line up. I have also competed internationally in Manila, and Italy in pro shows. I do strength training with my Coach and boyfriend Andrew Deasy of Granite Conditioning six days a week. I also do additional cardio leading up to show. Andrew has taught me the fundamentals of strength training and the level of commitment and intensity that I need to get used to for maximal growth.  I take my training very seriously as a result of his methods and guidance.

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