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Peptides and Muscle Builders

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The concepts of Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) and Muscle Protein Breakdown (MPB) are well known among avid athletes. It is the interplay between the two that determines if muscle is gained or lost. Recently it was discovered that orally ingested Phosphatidic Acid (PA), when accompanied with mechanical stress on muscle and adequate protein intake, significantly activates the Mammalian Target of Rapamycin (mTOR) signaling pathway. mTOR regulates protein synthesis, whereby ingested protein is translated into new [...]

BETA Alanine By ATP Science

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Beta Alanine is a formulated supplementary sports food. This tub is full of an amino acid called Beta Alanine. To find out what Beta Alanine does in the body; why your friend, naturopath or coach recommended it and to find out how much you should take; google it. Cut and paste this word “Beta Alanine” into google, PubMed, infotrieve or any unbiased information database. Do your own independent research. Come back and buy ours because [...]
L-Citrulline Malate We all know to drive your car faster, we press on the accelerator, which provides more fuel for the engine and we accelerate. In the human body, increases in circulation naturally bring greater amounts of nutrients (fuel) and oxygen to working muscles, while also providing greater waste disposal, including the lactic acid removal (you know, the burning pain we all get when he hit the gym, run or ride). The combined effects of [...]

Mass Complete Gainer By True

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Mass Complete Gainer By True Innovative Clean Mass Gainer MASS is an innovative blend that combines premium New Zealand protein powders (WPC80, NIGHT85) with high quality Australian sourced low GI carbohydrates (INSTANT OATS, SWEET POTATO). Each serve of MASS packs 29g+ protein, 46g+ of carbohydrates and 4g+ healthy fats. Leading Manufacturing Processes Both the protein powders and oats used in MASS are manufactured under strict quality control processes to ensure premium quality. Low GI Carbohydrate [...]

MOAB Muscle Builder By REDCON 1

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MOAB is the Mother of all Builders -- as in muscle builders. Utilizing a combination of anabolic and anti-catabolic ingredients, MOAB limits muscle breakdown and supports muscle growth helping you achieve superior muscle building faster, the natural way. MOAB is non-hormonal and does NOT require any post cycle therapy (PCT). It works by upregulating your body’s natural anabolic processes while also improving athletic performance and decreasing muscle breakdown. The end result is a supplement that [...]

Optimus Peptide By Mutated Nation

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Improve Recovery + Detox 0 Calories Increase overall anabolic rate Reduce fat For many years, Peptides have been used by top athletes due to their ability to support training endurance and recovery. Peptides are perfect for any hard-training athlete because they serve as primary building blocks for muscle and help combat muscle loss and protein breakdown, especially during intense training. Finally, the most powerful amino peptide combination has been formulated! Introducing Optimus Peptide, the all [...]

RPG Fully Loaded By REDCON 1

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When is the best time to take RPG?   To get the maximum effect from RPG, it is best to take it 20-30 minutes prior to a high carbohydrate meal.    How many times per day can I take RPG?   With RPG, you can take it prior to each carbohydrate meal you eat throughout the day.  If you are trying to gain fat free mass, taking RPG prior to each meal will help transport the glucose [...]