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Sparta Nutrition Pre Workout 101: Who wants a hard-hitting pre-workout that tastes great and has an even better formula. Sparta became legends when they came out with Kraken Pre but this is their new improved version with licensed flavors like ICEE and Smarties. Not only will you get a great workout, but you will also get to enjoy every-single-sip. This formula is made to wake you up and keep you up…through every stride, every rep, and every [...]

Shred Fat Burner By SPARTA

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Sparta Nutrition's Shred formula is a legendary thermogenic complex and is the apex of smart weight management. Featuring enhanced and efficacious doses that support both cognitive performance and weight loss. This special formula will help boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite and maximise your weight loss results! Features: Sparta Nutrition Shred Fat Burner 170g Flavour: Pineapple Naturally flavoured Makes 20 servings Great for weight loss and clean energy Improves cognitive performance Gives a sense of [...]
“This is the first ever protein supplement to offer the patented ingredient astragin in collaboration with Dippin Dots Ice Cream” Sparta Nutrition Spartan Whey 101: All you need in a great protein is premium high-quality ingredients and for it to taste great - Sparta Nutrition Spartan Whey is exactly that. Spartan Whey has Whey Protein and Casein to give you nutrients all day making it a perfect post-workout protein or meal replacement protein (MRP) WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE FOR LEAN [...]