Cluster Bomb Carbohydrate By REDCON 1


You can trust Redcon1’s Cluster Bomb for quick carbohydrate energy throughout your exercise and recovery afterwards.

Cluster Dextrin®, A highly concentrated and fast-absorbing energy source, is used in a unique blend in Cluster Bomb to assist your training and recovery and maximising performance

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Why Use – Cluster Bomb

  • Assists In Maximising Performance
  • Increased Energy And Glycogen Stores.
  • Decreases Muscle Soreness
  • Promotes Cell Volumization
  • Faster recovery straight after your workout session

Cluster Bomb

When it comes to boosting your performance while you train and  helping stop the onset muscle soreness in the days after a strenuous training session, intra-workout supplementation is unquestionably the most important and effective tool available. Anyone who is trying to build muscle or training for a marathon, should be supplementing with Cluster Bomb® throughout their workout. It is possible to exercise more frequently without the concern of overtraining with Cluster Bomb®, and this, over time, will lead to quicker gains in strength and muscle mass as well as endurance as compared to individuals who do not supplement with Cluster Bomb®.

Summary – Cluster Bomb

Me Muscle Nutrition is giving Cluster Bomb® the big thumbs up for a high preforming intra work-out supplement, if you are looking for Assistance In Maximising Performance, Increasing Energy And Glycogen Stores and helping with recovery? Then Me Muscle has you covered with top quality REDCON 1 supplements.



Mix (1) scoop with 250-300ml of water intra work-out for a highly concentrated and fast-absorbing energy pump source.



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