EHP Labs Oxywhey + Oxyshred + FREE RTD Can stack


Oxywhey & Oxyshred make a great all-in-one shred stack – Maximise your shred 24/7 and meet your daily protein intake with the Me Muscle – EHP Essentials Stack.

Oxywhey Lean Wellness Protein By EHP Labs
OxyShred - Ultra Concentration by EHP Labs
OxyShred RTD Ultra Energy By EHP Labs
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Why Use – OxyWhey

  • High-Quality Protein Blend Huge 25g Per Serve
  • Probiotics And Vitamins
  • Promote Weight Loss
  • Zero Added Sugar
  • 100% Natural Flavours
  • Created With 100% Pure, Lean, Non-GMO Whey Protein
  • Helps Maximise Muscle Growth & Repair
  • Rich In Amino Acids

EHP-Labs OxyWhey

EHP-Labs Oxywhey Lean Wellness Protein is a high-quality protein supplement. EHP Labs is the source of this information. EHP Labs’ Lean Wellness Protein formula is an industry-first, unique, and science-based product that is manufactured from 100% pure, lean, non-GMO whey protein and has no artificial ingredients. All of the flavours are 100% natural, and they are irresistibly tasty and delightful to the taste buds. drinking just one serving is becoming increasingly tough to really do.

Oxywhey Protein is a unique kind of protein that is not often seen. It will make you feel amazing on the inside and out, guaranteed! With each serving of EHP Labs Oxywhey Protein, you get 1 billion CFU of the super-probiotic L. Rhamnosus, which has been scientifically proved to improve gut health and microbiome balance as well as skin health, immune function, and inflammation reduction.

The addition of chromium picolinate was made owing to its ability to regulate food intake. It may aid in appetite management as well as the reduction of sweet cravings in some people. EHP-Labs OxyWhey is a protein supplement that has been designed to alleviate all of the common protein concerns, including gas, bloating, queasiness, and stomach pain.

It’s thanks to the presence of the proprietary enzyme Prohydrolase in conjunction with lactase that OxyWhey is capable of providing all of the protein deliciousness without the gas, bloating, and pain. Your gym companions and co-workers will applaud you for making the decision to use OxyWhey.

Oxywhey Protein By EHP-Labs complete spectrum health and wellness formula includes alkalising vitamins and minerals, along with the B vitamins that you need to give you that extra kick and surge of energy. This guarantees that your body is operating at peak performance and does not become acidic and sluggish as a result of lactic acid build-up caused by exercise, stress, a high protein diet, and amino acid use, among other things.

Why Use – OxyShred

Looking for a little extra help achieving your goals from a brand you can truly trust? Look no further than OxyShred, the product trusted by millions globally for delivering results!

Ready to kickstart your goals with an industry name you can count on? Look no further than EHP Labs OxyShred. Enjoy the energy, feel the burn, and get active!   Disclaimer Results/products may vary from above information. You should consult a licensed healthcare professional before starting any supplement or dietary program. Especially if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing medical conditions.

Why Use – Oxyshred RTD

  • Ready to drink ultra-energy that delivers the same benefits as EHPLabs world-renowned #1 thermogenic Oxyshred.
  • L-Carnitine and Smart Caffeine for clean, smooth energy to burn during any time of the day
  • Vitamin C and Full B Vitamin Spectrum for vitality and sustained natural energy
  • Taurine and Tyrosine to help you crush your goals for the day
  • Delicious and refreshing flavours brings on the feel-good vibes and smiles
  • Contains ingredients that support mood and focus.
  • Contains ingredients to assist with balancing blood sugar levels
  • Contains a range of B vitamins to assist with overall general well-being,

What Is – Oxyshred RTD

The advantages of the #1 thermogenic fat burner OxyShred by EHPlabs are now available as a delicious, softly carbonated, ready-to-drink energy beverage called OxyShred Ultra Energy. There’s no need for a tub or a shaker; just grab and go.

The ingredients in Oxyshred Ultra Energy go beyond just caffeine, setting it apart from other energy beverages. It contains potent fat-burning ingredients, vitamins and minerals for general well-being and immunity support, contains ingredients to assist in balancing blood sugar levels, and nootropics for elevating mental state. The best part? It has no added sugar.

Me Muscle Nutrition is the best supplement store Gold Coast can look after all your EHPLabs needs with its full range of EHPLabs products.

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Take 1 scoop of Oxyshred with 295ml of cold water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

(We recommend you do not consume Oxyshred after 5pm).


Add 1 scoop of OxyWhey to 240ml of ice cold water or almond milk to a shaker bottle and shake for 15 – 30 seconds or until smooth. OxyWhey has been designed as an anytime protein, so you can take it post workout or at anytime of the day to ensure you hit your macronutrient requirements.

Who: OxyWhey is for ANYONE looking for the best quality pure whey protein with added health, vitality and wellness benefits.

When: Preferably breakfast time (after morning cardio), and mid afternoon for a protein boost, or any other time you’re craving the delicious goodness of OxyWhey.

Oxyshred RTD

Recommend to have away from food for maximum absorption of ingredients – ideally 20 mins before your workout.



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