EHP Labs Pride twin pack stack + Stainless Shaker


Two of your favorite EHPLabs Pride pre-workouts and get a stainless-steel pride limited edition shaker for nothing!

EHPLabs Pride Pre-Workout
EHPLabs Pride Pre-Workout
You Save BIG - $31.95 Plus a Free Limited Edition Pride Stainless Steel Shaker $15 value.

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EHP Labs – Pride twin pack stack

EHPLabs Pride twin pack and Me Muscle Nutrition has put this great deal together for the hard-core gym junkies.

EHPLabs Pride stack! Are chasing off the bone pumps and a pre-workout with a 5-stage energy release matrix, that will help take your workouts to the next level? then get your hands on this stack. Two of your favorite EHPLabs Pride pre-workouts and get a stainless-steel pride limited edition shaker for nothing!

EHPLabs Pride twin pack is the most advanced pre-workout containing Pentaffeineᵀᴹ 5-stage energy that will leave you feeling energised without a crash. PRIDE has been made using the highest quality ingredients shown to increase strength and help optimise all types of aerobic and anaerobic workouts.

Do you want to take your workout intensity to another level and become faster and stronger than ever before? If so, EHP Labs Pride is the pre-workout supplement for you. It is suitable for all fitness levels and gives the pre-workout benefits for beginners and advanced trainers alike.

Pride – Features

  • EHPLabs Pride twin pack stack! get a stainless-steel pride limited edition shaker for nothing!
  • Vegan friendly and gluten free
  • Mental energy and mental performance enhancement
  • 5-stage energy release matrix
  • Performance essential amino acid (EAA) blend
  • Improve mood, sleep, athletic performance
  • Razor sharp focus
  • Off the bone pumps

EHPLabs great flavour range

7 Delicious Flavours – Pina Colada (NEW), Voodoo Blackberry (NEW), Blue Slushie, Strawberry Snowcone, Sour Green Apple, Raspberry Twizzle, Fantasy Soda

What makes PRIDE so good? 

EHP Labs created PRIDE for beasts like us. We train hard, but we’re always hungry for more. We expect results because we work for it, and we demand more from our pre-workout. No jitters. Just clean energy, focus and pumps for your workout! Pride incorporates a unique blend of ingredients to help you feel ready to conquer even the most gruelling of workouts. Including Pentaffeine™ energy blend, a recovery essential amino acid blend (an industry first!), a Skin-Splitting Off the Bone PUMPS blend, and a Focus blend! Join the PRIDE!!!

Pride – Summary

EHPLabs Pride twin pack is the KING of pre-workout powders for a reason – it contains a unique blend of performance boosting ingredients, including the 9 essential amino acids to assist with strength, mood, and muscle recovery. Utilising PRIDE as a pre-workout drink can help you break through exercise fatigue, train harder for longer, and ensure each workout is completed with maximised performance.

Overall, the team at Me Muscle Nutrition has found EHP Labs Pride pre-workout to be a fantastic all-round pre-workout that makes you work that bit harder at the gym and keeps you on a good level well after you’ve finished your workout with its slow 5 stage energy release.

Me Muscle Nutrition is the best supplement store on the Gold Coast. We can look after all your EHP Labs needs with its full range of EHP Labs products.

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How to use - Pride

How to use - Pride

Mix 1 Scoop with (180ml) of cold water, or 2 scoops with 12oz (350ml) of cold water in a shaker and consume immediately. DO NOT exceed 2 scoops per day.

Pride is best taken 20-30 minutes before a workout. It’s safe to take 2 scoops, however, we recommend you start with 1 scoop to test your tolerance.

Pride is best taken in the morning or early afternoon to ensure you’ll sleep soundly at night!

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

ehp labs pride pre-workout nutrition information with me muscle nutrition logo



The material on Me Muscle Nutrition website is for informative purposes only. Individual results may vary, and you should always consult with a certified health care professional before starting any supplement, dietary or exercise program.

This is especially important if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or you have any pre-existing medical issues. We recommend that you do your own research on all nutrition products before purchasing. Me Muscle Nutrition makes no guarantee to any results you may or may not experience from using this product. Do not use this product to treat any pre-existing medical issues. Always read the product label and use as directed.

This product is not to be used as a sole source of nutrition, always use in conjunction with a balanced diet and a suitable physical training or exercise program.

This Product should not be used for therapeutic purposes (unless the product has been entered on the Australian Registrar of Therapeutic Goods).

This product is not suitable for children or those under 18 years of age.


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