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Hordenine By Swft


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N,N-dimethyltyramine or Hordenine as it is commonly referred to is an alkaloid of the phenethylamine class. Hordenine works primarily as an MAO-B substrate as well as a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. Hordenine also may help in recalibrating the body’s ‘set-point’ helping you to maintain the weight you lose! If you are looking for more energy, better mood, increased intensity and a powerful thermogenic, look no further.

The body’s ‘Set-Point’ is the concept that your body finds a body mass that it deems its point of equilibrium. When trying to lose weight, it is easy in the beginning to shed the pounds but your body tends to try and revert to its original set-point weight. Hordenine may help your body to recalibrate the body’s set-point to a new weight making it easier to keep off the pounds you have lost.


Consume 1-2 servings per day. Start with 1 serving to assess tolerance.

Do not take more than 2 servings per day. Use only as directed



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