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Licorice Super Booster Tea By ATP Science



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60 Serves / 120g


  • 04/2022

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Licorice Super Booster Tea By ATP Science

Super Booster Tea – 120g – 60 Serves

A refreshing “instantized” tea made from highly respected plants to nourish your body, such as; Licorice root and Reishi mushrooms. Rosella flowers and cinnamon bark are revered in Asia for their healing qualities and warmth. Protecting, nurturing, and comforting tea that you can enjoy hot or cold. Ingredients Licorice root (refer to Nutrition tab for amounts) Reishi mushroom Rosella flower Cinnamon bark Instant tea? There are some major benefits to instantized tea (being powder not leaves). We can achieve consistency in the components. We can understand the natural levels of the substances contained in the plant material so we can get a consistent experience and know-how concentrated other compounds that you don’t want in excess so you can have an enjoyable yet predictable experience. What am I talking about? Well, when you brew a cup of tea made from a combination of raw herbs, sticks, twigs, flowers, and leaves you do not get a consistent product. – Delicate leaves, flowers need totally different steeping times to roots and barks. – Some herbs need maceration, cutting or grinding and soaking to get to the various natural components contained. – Fresh versus dried or cured and processed plant parts all require different methodologies to brew. Different temperatures and time and processes for each individual ingredient. – It is almost impossible to combine such vastly different materials into one blend and create a methodology to make the best cup of tea; it is so hard for you at home to make a blend and get the best out of every ingredient. – Natural variation is associated with growing conditions, seasons, location and the time of harvest can be massive. Certain compounds can reduce or totally disappear at certain times of the year or in certain batches but an excess of other compounds could take its place. From batch to batch they can behave very differently in flavour, texture and how they make you feel. Instantized tea means that the tea has already been made for you and then dehydrated so all you have to do is rehydrate the instant tea powder and drink. Each herb and spice contained in a blend has been treated with the utmost respect for its individual properties and physical characteristics. The plant and plant part is first identified accurately and then tested to confirm composition and check for adulterations or extra fillers; ensure there is no extra ingredients or materials. Then it is processed appropriately for the unique material – maceration, grinding, soaking etc. in preparation for the brewing phase. Then the material is made into a “tea”, each material is processed differently. Different temperatures and cooking times etc. That is appropriate for the starting material. The tea is then measured and tested for strength and purity before being dried and then tested again. The blends are created in GMP, HACCP facility in Australia and delivered to you in a convenient and consistent form.


All you have to do is add water – add one scoop into your desired amount of water.

However, you can do more if you are a connoisseur or easily bored;

  • A lot of the flavour and aromatics of herbs and spices can be lost through excessive heat. Some people are super tasters, others are not. To maximise the flavour profile of the tea, use water heated to 80-90 degrees Celsius and not actually to boiling point; or add a small amount of cold or room temperature water to the powdered tea before adding the boiled water.
  • Make as an iced tea. Add to cold water, stir thoroughly and add ice and a slice of lemon.



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