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Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and the building block of skin, hair, nails and joints. However, as we age, collagen production starts to slow down and we can struggle to obtain enough from our diet.

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Why Use – OxyGlow Natural Marine Collagen By EHP Labs

  • For All Genders
  • Gluten Free
  • Naturally Sourced
  • No Added Soy, Dairy, Fillers
  • Boost Skins Elasticity & Firmness
  • Vitamins A & B To Stimulate Collagen Production
  • Helps With Smooth And Glowing Youthful Skin, Healthy Hair And Strong Nail
  • Reduces Visible Signs Of Ageing
  • Assists With Recovery After Injury.
  • Improves Muscle Mass

OxyGlow Marine Collagen

OxyGlow contains marine collagen and the essential collagen-enhancing vitamins which work synergistically to enhance your beauty from the inside out, creating smooth, firm, and plump skin. This beauty powder taken daily stimulates natural collagen production to increase skin hydration, firmness, and smoothness, improve overall skin complexion and strengthen hair and nails.

Who should take it?

Collagen peptides have scientifically proven benefits for health, wellness and beauty and offer superior functionalities for those who want to remain healthy and active throughout their lives. We created Oxyglow to provide a collagen supplement with added vitamins to our community so they can enjoy these benefits and make their health and wellness journey even more holistic.

Why should you take OxyGlow vs other collagen powders?

Oxyglow is different from other collagen powders because it contains highly bioavailable marine collagen as well as a full spectrum of collagen-enhancing vitamins to create smooth, firm, and plump skin. Your skin will be glowing, your nails will be growing, and your hair will be stronger than ever before. Oxyglow also contains marine collagen derived from fish peptides sourced from 100% fish skin and scales that would otherwise be discarded, making Oxyglow sourcing sustainable.

Oxyglow is also rapidly absorbed as it uses fish which is a superior alternative to bovine, porcine and chicken. Our collagen is characterized by its low molecular weight, resulting in improved digestibility and superb bioavailability. Our product is the result of a complex and controlled hydrolysis process to obtain premium collagen peptides that are highly soluble.


Directions: Take 1 scoop daily added to water, smoothies, juices or even cooking.

How Long Will My OxyGlow Collagen By Ehp Labs Last?

OxyGlow Collagen has 30 serves per container if taken as directed – 1 scoop 2.4g per serve once a day it will last 30 days.



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