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100% Whey Isolate By Muscle Nation


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Not all proteins are created equally. To understand a bit more about what type of protein would suit you and your routine we have broken it down into two categories, our Whey Isolate (this protein), and the Custard Casein Protein:

ISOLATE (WPI – Whey Protein Isolate – this protein)

  • Very fast absorption, and digests amazing (no stomach discomfort)
  • High protein, low carb and low fat protein shake
  • Ideal for post-workout, smoothies, and as a snack to curb your sweet tooth cravings
  • You can mix it with water, or milk of your choice
  • Whey Protein Isolate is not thick (watery in texture), with low carbs and fats, it’s a very pure, and a high serve of protein!


100% Whey Isolate By Muscle Nation

  • Slow sustained digesting protein
  • Makes you feel fuller for longer
  • Thick and smooth in texture
  • You can mix it with water, or milk of your choice
  • A great snack to have any time of the day
  • Perfect to have as is, or you can add your favourite fruit or mix ins!

Muscle Nation Whey Protein is a high quality, fast digesting, 100% ISOLATE protein powder. This is an ultra filtered premium Whey Protein Isolate. It contains high levels of protein with low amounts of carbohydrates and fat, along with added ingredients to aid in digestion and absorption. Whey Protein Isolate is highly prioritised by anyone who is looking for a fast digesting post-workout protein as well as individuals who suffer from digestion issues or stomach discomfort from other protein powders. To ensure our protein is efficiently absorbed, digested and free from side effects such as bloating and stomach discomfort, we have added a key ingredients to significantly enhance digestion and absorption – DigeZyme®️ .




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