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60 Capsules / 20 Serves

Brain Proformance

-Reduces Mental Fatigue, Supports Cognitive Function, Increases Mental Alertness, Supports Memory Recall

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A premium blend of nootropics for brain performance

True Protein Spark is a blend of premium ingredients researched and backed by evidence to enhance brain function, performance and memory. Utilising the power of naturally derived Western herbal medicines, True Spark supports your day so you can bring clarity, energy and focus to whatever tasks you have ahead of you.


Maintains & Supports Energy Levels

Vitamin C, niacin, vitamin B12 and vitamin B5 support sustained energy levels while naturally-derived caffeine offers an energy boost without the crash.


Enhances Cognitive Function

Nootropics have been shown to improve the synthesis and efficiency of neurotransmitters in the brain, enhancing cognitive function.


Reduces Mental Fatigue

The effects of zinc, vitamin B5, caffeine and Brahmi are all supported by evidence to play a role in reducing fatigue and can assist you in performing at your mental peak for sustained periods.


Powerful Antioxidant

The vitamin C and zinc in True Protein Spark provide a protective antioxidant effect, supporting against free radical damage.


Supports Nervous System

B vitamins play an important role in maintaining the health of the nervous system. Not all of these are synthesised in the human body and may be obtained through diet or supplementation.


Supports General Health & Wellbeing

Research supports the use of nootropics to support and maintain cognitive function, memory and brain performance in healthy individuals.


For adults only. Take 3 capsules with water daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional.



Completely Free From Gluten
Blended and Packed in Australia
Lactose Free
All Natural
Suitable for Vegans



Active ingredients per hard capsule: Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi) ext. dry conc. 100 mg, from whole-plant dry 2.0 g, equiv. Bacosides A 50 mg; Coffea arabica (Coffee bean) ext. dry conc. stand. 34 mg, from minimum dry seed 1.7 g, equiv. caffeine 33.32 mg; Reynoutria japonica (Japanese Knotweed) ext. dry conc. stand. 166.66 mg, from minimum dry root 15.0 g, equiv. Resveratrol 83.33 mg; Thiamine hydrochloride 9.36 mg, equiv. Thiamine (Vitamin B1) 8.35 mg; Riboflavin sodium phosphate 4.44 mg, equiv. Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 3.33 mg; Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) 16.67 mg; Nicotinic acid 6.67 mg; Calcium pantothenate 18.2mg, equiv. Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) 16.67 mg; Pyridoxal 5-phosphate monohydrate 4.44 mg, equiv. Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 2.83 mg; Calcium folinate 54 micrograms, equiv. Folinic acid 50 micrograms; Mecobalamin (co-methylcobalamin, Vitamin B12) 167 micrograms; Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 33.33 mg; Colecalciferol (Vitamin D3) 8.33 micrograms (333 IU); Menaquinone 7 (Vitamin K2) 30 micrograms; Manganese amino acid chelate 3.33 mg, equiv. Manganese 333 micrograms; Selenomethionine 62.7 micrograms, equiv. Selenium 25.2 micrograms; Zinc citrate dihydrate 15.56 mg, equiv. Zinc 5 mg



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