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LUST Protein Bar By EHP Labs

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LUST is an on-the-go snack that redefines the typical ‘protein bar’. Enriched with Prebiotics, Collagen, B Vitamins, Vitamin D3, & 18 grams of Protein it is a functional bar that offers countless benefits to your health wellbeing, oh and it tastes amazing too. So whether you're on-the-go, hitting the gym or relaxing at home, a LUST bar is always the ultimate go-to snack. Available in 5 decadent flavours, your vitamin, collagen and protein intake is [...]

Noway Protein Bar By ATP Science

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The All-New and Improved Noway Bar is Here We started out with the desire to create a snack that was high in protein, low in carbohydrates and fats with NO added sugar, artificial flavors or colors, no dairy, lactose, or gluten and still tastes good…people responded with “No Way! It isn’t possible!” We responded with “Hard, we do every day; impossible just takes us a little longer!” After 3 years of development, we created the [...]

Protein Bar by True

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Protein Bar by True The Story behind the Bars Made from a blend of high-quality grass-fed whey protein concentrate (WPC) and collagen plus all-natural whole food sources, the long-awaited bar ticks the box for nutrition, protein content and flavour, with an ingredient list that reads like a healthy menu. Quality soluble fibre from tapioca and texture from nuts and chia seeds, both healthy sources of unsaturated fat, fiber and protein, sets this soft, perfectly chewy [...]

Protein Brownie By muscle Nation

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Protein Brownie By muscle Nation Protein Brownie By muscle Nation Double Choc Fudge 300g - All Natural Ingredients - Plant Based Protein - Simply add water (or milk of choice) . Ready in 30 minutes! - Quick & easy! - No Dairy - No Gluten - Vegan Friendly ALLERGEN WARNING: Contains Coconut and Soy Ingredients.

Ultimate Chocolate Snack Pack

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The Ultimate Snack Pack You cannot miss this ultimate chocolate snack pack for all the chocolate lovers out there. This pack includes the following: 1 x Lust Protein Bar -Choc Peanut Butter Caramel 1 x 30gm Chocolate WPI Fast Release By Protein Suppliers Australia 1 x Chocolate Protein Brownie Mix by Muscle Nation These goodies will not disappoint!