Are you looking for a Pre-Workout but unsure where to start?

If you want to increase the intensity of your exercises to take advantage of added energy, strength, focus and aid in recovery? you may want to explore pre-workout supplement products. If you aren’t sure where to start your search or are feeling overwhelmed by an ample supply of choices, we’ve got your back at Me Muscle Nutrition, the best supplement store Gold Coast.

Our research included reading what consumers had to say about some of the top pre-workout supplements on the market, checking ingredient labels, and considering the company’s reputation to help you make an educated selection.

It is possible that some trial and error may be required as you determine which supplements are the most effective for your unique tastes and training objectives, but the supplements listed below are an excellent place to start.

Kamikaze Pre-Workout by Athletic Sport

Why Use – Kamikaze Pre-Workout

Kamikaze Pre-Workout by Athletic Sport has been designed by athletes for people looking to get the most out of their training sessions. Whether you’re looking to hit a PB on the track, taking part in a HIIT workout, or simply stepping into the gym, Kamikaze is for the athlete in all of us. With a scientifically formulated and synergistic balance of industry leading ingredients made to increase your overall performance while under intense training conditions, when a Zen-like focus is needed.

  • High stimulant energy formula.
  • Laser-like focus nootropic
  • Skin splitting pumps with a 3-phase Vasodilator Complex
  • 11 potent and actively dosed ingredients
  • Creatine Free, no fluid gains
  • Zero crash!

Boasting the latest in organic herbs, adaptogens and recovery ingredients, Kamikaze is the first truly full spectrum formula that will have you smashing your workouts and give you the energy to spare with no crash. Whether it’s in the gym, the office or just to give you that energy boost you need

Kamikaze has you covered. As athletes, we care about what we fuel our body with and know that you do as well which is why Kamikaze is a 100%

transparently labelled Pre-workout. So, you can see exactly what’s inside every single serve.

Pride LIMITED EDITION Rainbow Candy by EHP Labs

Why Use – Pride Pre-Workout by EHP Labs

  • Vegan Friendly
  • Mental Energy and Mental Performance Enhancement
  • 5-Stage Energy Release Matrix
  • Performance Essential Amino Acid (EAA)Blend
  • Improve Mood, Sleep, Athletic Performance
  • 5 Delicious Flavours – Blue Slushie, Strawberry Snowcone, Sour Green Apple, Raspberry Twizzle (New Flavour), Rainbow Candy (Limited) And New to the Pride Fantacy Soda
  • Razor Sharp Focus
  • Off The Bone Pumps
  • Product of USA

Pride Pre-Workout By

Do you want to take your workout intensity to another level and become faster and stronger than ever before? If so, PRIDE is the pre-workout supplement for you. It is suitable for all fitness levels and gives pre-workout benefits for beginners and advanced trainers alike.

PRIDE is the KING of pre-workout powders for a reason – it contains a unique blend of performance-boosting ingredients, including the 9 essential amino acids to assist with strength, mood, and muscle recovery. Utilising PRIDE as a pre-workout drink can help you break through exercise fatigue, train harder for longer, and ensure each workout is completed with maximised performance.

  • Sour Green Apple – A tangy Apple taste
  • Blue Slushie – Similar to a traditional Blue Raspberry
  • Strawberry Snow Cone – A real & true Strawberry flavour
  • Rainbow Candy – A limited-release flavour sure to impress Rainbow Candy is the new lion to join the PRIDE! This new LIMITED EDITION fruity flavour packs a punch
  • Raspberry Twizzle – Is the latest edition to the pride with a refreshing raspberry flavour with a tangy twizzle twist
  • Fantacy Soda – A brand new flavour to the pride, with its fantastic orange flavour and soda goodness

Pride – Summary

Overall, the team at Me Muscle Nutrition has found EHP Labs Pride pre-workout to be a fantastic all-round pre-workout that makes you work that bit harder at the gym and keeps you on a good level well after you’ve finished your workout with its slow 5-stage energy release.

Legacy Pre-Workout by Muscle Nation

Why Use – Legacy Pre-Workout by Muscle Nation

  • 300mg Caffeine (high energy)
  • Increase Workout Intensity
  • Muscle Pumps
  • Muscle Endurance & Recovery
  • Performance Ingredient
  • Improves energy and focus
  •  Zones you in, great workout intensity
  • Awesome pumps and muscle fullness
  • Helps transport water to muscles
  • Better recovery between sets to push harder
  • Enhances muscle energy output
  • Beta-alanine, reduces lactic acid in muscles, train harder for longer

Legacy Pre-Workout

Legacy pre-workout contains an ingredient called beta-alanine. Beta-alanine supplementation has been shown to increase muscle carnosine levels, which can act as a buffer to reduce the acidity in the active muscles during exercise. Carnosine reduces lactic acid accumulation in your muscles during exercise, which leads to improved athletic performance.Taking beta-alanine may cause a sensation typically described as tingling of the skin, or pins and needles, and there is no need to be alarmed. This sensation varies with individuals, some might experience it, and others might not. If this sensation occurs, it does not last long and it is usually experienced in the face, neck and back of the hands.

Hydraulic Pre-Workout Pump by AXE & SLEDGE

Why Use – Hydraulic by axe & sledge

  • Increase Muscular Pumps and Performance
  • Stimulant Free Pre-Workout
  • Improve Work Capacity
  • Enhance The Mind-To-Muscle Connection
  • Elevate Focus and Energy Levels
  • Promote Recovery

Hydraulic Stimulant free pre-workout

Some call hydraulic the “master of pumps”, while we call it our stimulant-free pre-workout. Not only does hydraulic significantly increase muscular pumps, but it also enhances focus, energy, and performance, all without the use of any stimulants. By using five patented ingredients including nitrosigine®, carnosyn® beta-alanine, creatine magnapower®, agmamax™, and glycersize™, we were able to make a stimulant-free pre-workout that you can actually feel! Hydraulic expresses its effects by increasing the diameter of your blood vessels, which allows for greater blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen to be delivered to your muscles. Hydraulic also helps shuttle metabolic waste products, such as lactic acid, away from the muscles. This enables the body to regenerate energy more efficiently and for a longer period of time. Not to mention, hydraulic contains several ingredients that give you laser focus. Hydraulic was specifically designed by Seth Feroce himself to:

Whether you’re training late at night and don’t want to interrupt your sleep or already had enough stimulants throughout the day, hydraulic is the perfect solution to a phenomenal workout. Hydraulic is truly one of a kind and the only stimulant-free pre-workout made for the hardest workers in the gym. Hydraulic is our number one selling product because there’s nothing else that comes close.

Ignition Switch Pre-Workout by AXE & SLEDGE

Why Use – Ignition Switch Pre-workout By Axe & Sledge

  • Contains Amino Acids Help Recovery and Muscle Repair
  • Mid to High Stim Pre-Workout Supplement
  • Maximize Pumps/Flows and Muscular Volume
  • Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Increase Muscular Endurance and Maximize Workout Efficiency
  • Faster Gains and Recovery
  • Improve The Mind-To-Muscle Connection

Ignition Switch Pre-workout By Axe & Sledge

Ignition Switch is a mid to high stimulant pre-workout that you can always count on and always delivers energy levels well after your workout, That never has that dreaded energy crash, so you can get on with the job all day.

Ignition Switch is an incredible stimulant pre-workout on its own If you want even greater results to try stacking it with:

  • HYDRAULIC (Stim free) – mix 1 scoop of ignition switch with 1-2 scoops of hydraulic in 230 -300ml of cold water consume 20-30 minutes prior to training

Hydraulic By AXE & SLEDGE – Me Muscle Nutrition

  • DEMODAY (Carbohydrate Powder)- mix 1 scoop of ignition switch with 1 scoop of demo day in 230 – 300ml ounces of cold water and consume 20-30 minutes prior to training

Demo Day Carbohydrate Powder By AXE & SLEDGE – Me Muscle Nutrition

Ignition Switch By Axe and Sledge is one of very few that contains four patented ingredients

  • Teacrine® (theacrine)
  • Infinergy™(dicaffeine malate)
  • Carnosyn® (beta-alanine)
  • Agmamax™ (agmatine sulfate)

If you’re looking for a mid to high Stim Pre-Workout Ignition Switch By Axe and Sledge is the one for you, it delivers everything from Mental Clarity And Focus, Increase Muscular Endurance, Brain function and added Amino acids to assist muscle repair and recovery. Make sure you try Ignition Switch before your next training session, and you will see the difference.

Tim Muriello Spazmatic 30 Serves Pre-Workout – Pump

Why Use – Tim Muriello Spazmatic

  • Maximize Pumps and Muscular Volume
  • High Stim Energy Pre-Workout
  • Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Increase Muscular Endurance
  • Maintain Fullness Long After You Finish Your Gym Workout
  • Faster Gains and Recovery
  • Vitamin B12 For Natural Energy
  • Electrolytes With Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Full Transparent Label
  • No Crash Formula
  • Pump, Focus, Energy- And Yes- I Am a Total Freaking Spaz on It!!!!!!


Tim Muriello is Industry renowned and well-known YouTube star and leading Fitness Expert He is known for his dedication and knowledge in the supplement industry, which has given him the drive to release his own view on high-stim pre-workout.

To put it simply, Spazmatic Pre-Workout is the strongest 1 scoop Pre on the market – period. There’s none of this 2-scoops per serving stuff as the competition does – we’re talking max strength 1 scoop servings. You could use half that and still get a great pre-workout but 1 scoop is all you need to absolutely dominate your training sessions!

Spazmatic high-stimulant vasodilator Pre-workout that will expand your blood vessels circulate nutrients for faster gains in recovery and give you massive pumps!! Your veins Will almost be popping out of your body and will do so long after you’ve left the gym.  And of course, the long-term benefits are the oxygen and nutrient flow exchange throughout the body which improves circulation and the body’s ability to process nutrients and destroy harmful waste products.

Consider Spazmatic Pre-Workout – you will find only premium quality, effective ingredients that are clinically dosed and fully disclosed – is that a great start or what?

How to choose the best pre workout

Some things cost more than others based on what they are made of (how much, what dose, and how often they are used). People who buy organic or non-toxic products should expect to pay more for them, but they should also know that they’ll get something that is more natural and high-quality in return.

If you have any allergies or health problems, read the ingredients label very carefully before you consume it. If you’re buying a proprietary blend, look for a company that tells you how much each ingredient is in each serve.

Buy from a well-known company.

Buy from a brand you know and trust that can answer any questions and give you specific information. A good company will be open and honest about everything they do, and they’ll be willing to share all the information they have. A well-known brand will use a third-party company to test its product and put the name of this company on the bottle.

It’s best to choose a company that is completely honest about everything they do. Be wary of any brand that promises results that are unrealistic or exaggerated. When looking for a product, find out where it is made, because rules and banned ingredients may be different in different places.

You can read reviews and get advice from people who have already used the service.

Make sure you read product reviews on a few different websites to get a sense of how the product will work for your needs. After looking at the highest and lowest rankings, come up with a balanced view. Or ask your doctor or a fitness expert for their opinion about what you should do. They can make a recommendation for you based on your needs and goals, and they can do that.

A list of safety tips

These supplements are usually safe for most people, but there are some things to keep in mind. Ingredients are the most important thing to think about, especially those that might interact with your medicines. Keep an eye out for artificial sweeteners, too much caffeine, or other ingredients that could have bad side effects.

It’s possible that some supplements will make you feel jittery, lightheaded, or stressed out. this is when a caffine free choice may suit you better

Additional side effects include:

  • high blood pressure
  • headaches
  • discomfort in the abdomen
  • insomnia
  • retention of water
  • a tingling or flushing of the skin

When you start taking a new supplement, start with a small dose and gradually increase the amount you take until you reach your goal. The best thing you can do is drink lots of water to keep yourself well-hydrated. Use a journal to keep track of any side effects or reactions that happen.

You should keep in mind that pre-workout supplements can give you extra energy, but don’t use them as a replacement for a healthy diet and lifestyle. This is the best way to support your workout plan.

The bottom line is:

Taking pre-workout supplements is a great way to get fit, improve your performance, and have more energy. As you narrow down your choices, think about your nutritional needs and fitness goals to help you make the right choice.

Check the ingredients list and buy from a well-known brand that does third-party testing and is completely honest about everything they do.

You shouldn’t use a supplement to get through your workout or push yourself too far. Combine a high-quality product with a healthy diet, a lot of rest, and enough water. Give yourself time to rest between workouts and take a break if you need to.

A pre-workout supplement should not be taken by people who aren’t very fit or who have health problems. Before taking one, talk to your doctor.

For all your Pre-Workout choices visit the best supplement store Gold Coast, Me Muscle Nutrition.

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